Cover Glass Replacement

Diamond Guard provides glass like performance that is thin, flexible and shatterproof.

The drive for thinner, lighter, more durable and less expensive consumer products designs have highlighted an industry need to replace glass. Until Diamond Guard resin was developed current hard coat resin technology did not offer the scratch resistance, clarity or flexibility to be considered for use to replace glass in the cover lens assembly. Diamond Guard offers:

  • Improved product durability and scratch resistance maintains product appearance and reduces warranty claims from dropped devices
  • Reduced weight reduces shipping costs and improves ease of use for hand held devices
  • Supports and protects emerging flexible display designs
  • Thin is In! – Only polymer films and lens can meet new design requirements
  • Maintains glass-like Display Performance  – High Definition and Optical Clarity is not sacrificed

Cover Glass Applications:

  • Diamond Guard Coated Film laminated to Lens Assembly
  • Diamond Guard Resin Directly Coated to Lens Substrate
  • Diamond Guard Coated film laminated to LCD panel
  • Diamond Guard Coated Films used to build entire Cover Glass Assemblies