Board of Directors

Bernie Marren
• President & CEO AMI
• President & CEO Western Micro
• Founding Pres. of Semiconductor Assoc.
• Fairchild Semiconductor Executive
• CEO Opti Inc.

Jeff Hawthorne
• President and CEO – Uni-Pixel Displays, Inc.
• Sr. VP and GM – Veeco MOCVD Business
• President and CEO – Photon Dynamics

Carl Yankowski
• CEO Palm Inc.
• President & COO Sony Electronics
• CEO Reebok Brand
• GE/PepsiCo/Memorex/P&G

Bruce Berkoff
• CMO Applied Materials (EDS/AKT)
• CMO Ascent Solar
• Chairman LCD TV Association
• President & CEO Enuclia Semiconductor
• Executive VP & CMO LG.Philips LCD
• GM Philips Software & Electronics FPD Systems
• Director LG Display

Ross Young
• SVP Displays, LEDs and Lighting, IMS Research
• Director of Akhan Technologies
• VP New Market Creation, Samsung LCD Business
• Founder and President of DisplaySearch
• Director of Westar Display Tech.
• VLSI Research Exec All-Star Team
• Owl Displays
• Brooks Automation
• Fusion Semiconductor GCA
Malcolm J. Thompson Ph.D.
• Founder and CEO of Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium
• President of MJT Associates
• Chairman and CEO of RPO
• President and CEO of Novalux
• Chairman of Photon Dynamics
• Board member of Cambridge Display Technology
• Founder and Chairman of USDC consortium
• Founder, President and CEO of dpiX
• Chief Technologist at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Wayne Patterson
Esq., CPA
• CEO, Aritredes Capital
• COO/CFO, Keystone International
• Co-founder and CEO, Texas Micro (NASDAQ)
• Co-founder and CEO of Briskheat Corporation
• CEO, Integrated Graphics/Earthcolor
• CEO, Vector Global Services
• Chairman of Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

Anthony LeVecchio
Esq., CPA
• ‪Pres. &owner of The James Group, Inc.‬
• Sr. VP/CFO for VHA Southwest
• Financial Management at:
• Phillips Information Systems
• Exxon Office Systems, and Xerox Corporation
• Director:
• DG FastChannel
• Microtune
• ViewPoint Fin. Group